Sunday 6 February 2022

Weekend catchup and stitching

 Another busy week, with highs and lows. The lows are seeing our little dog Scamp becoming unwell due to the osteosarcoma. It affecting the left side of his skull and has put pressure on his eye so that he is now blind in that eye. He manages very well but sometimes can't find us and gets a little worried. Our vet is very happy that he still has a good quality of life as he is still eating, enjoys his walks and loves cuddles. A high was Scamp's birthday on Friday when he celebrated being 15. We had a little party with him and made his favourite snacks. He had a doggy 'chocolate' selection box as a present and he's been enjoying that a lot. Our vet isn't worried if he puts on weight so he has probably over indulged on the treats. He still has a lot left to enjoy over the next week.

A real high this week for me and John was a trip to Kew gardens. We haven't been since the start of the covid pandemic so it was interesting to see what work had taken place in that time. I liked the bonsai trees in one of the greenhouses.

The Scots Pine was rather splendid.

and I like the shape of the Japanese White Pine.

We visited the Great Pagoda, which has been restored. 

Up close we were able to enjoy the dragons that now adorn the pagoda. The pagoda was built in 1762 and originally had dragons but they were removed in 1784. It was rumoured that they were sold to pay off the gambling debts of George 1V but most experts believe that they rotted away as they were made of wood. 

 Standing close to the pagoda and looking up gave you the view of many dragons ready to pounce.

In April we will go back and visit the pagoda as it will be open to the public. We have booked to go back to Kew on Friday evening for their orchid after hours event. I'm hoping to get some good photos.

On the sewing front I'm being a little slow. I've added the binding to the orphan block that I quilted and need to finish stitching the back of the binding down.

I'm also trying to complete the little embroideries from Crabapple Hill Studio to celebrate the International embroidery month. I'm already running behind and it's only the 6th February!

I'm linking this post with Kathy from Kathy's Quilts for her Slow Sunday Stitching Tomorrow I need to finalise my plans for this month. With Scamp not well I'm finding it hard to settle and get on with my sewing, so I need to set myself a goal for the month. For now I need to get busy and stitch down the binding.

Take care



  1. Poor little Scamp, this is such a hard time for the family with him being so ill. I'm so pleased he enjoyed his birthday treats.

  2. Best of luck finishing that binding, Lyndsey. Glad to hear that Scamp is being a champ through his illness. Happy 15th birthday to him!! I'll be looking forward to photos from the orchid event.