Tuesday, 12 April 2022

Some stitching and a play.

Yesterday was a busy day. There were several jobs I needed to get done. The usual cleaning chores were up first and they were dispatched reasonably quickly. I had done some more laundry and so there was some more items requiring ironing. I took the opportunity to press the last 7 nine patch blocks I'd made. Now I need to create the butterfly blocks and for that I needed to cut some cardboard templates to cut or draw round. Much easier than using a paper pattern. Then I had the joy of deciding which pretty batiks to use. Do I want them all different or should I stick with a small range of fabrics. You'll have to wait until I start stitching to find out. I love these bright jewel batiks.

Next there was some filling and wallpapering to do. Richard and I are doing this together but we aren't rushing. I'm not spending all my precious holiday time decorating. John is working today so he was making sure he had all the information he needed for the day and left us to it.

I sat and did some slow stitching on the rabbit block. I'm very random in how I work on these blocks. I have all the threads I need to complete the block in a bag with the fabric. I just pull out a colour and use that first. On this occasion the thread was for the block outline so that got done first. Usually I stitch in the evening whilst having some chill out time but yesterday evening we were going out so I stitched for a while in the morning.

Yesterday evening John and I had tickets for the theatre in Richmond. I had previously booked tickets for two other plays but both were cancelled due to the cast having covid. Today we managed to see the play I'd booked.

This is a play by Jack Weinstock and Willie Gilbert and is based on the French play 'Trap for a lonely man' by Robert Thomas. Patrick Duffy, Linda Purl, Gray O'Brien and Ben Nealon played the main characters. The play is about a man whose wife goes missing and then has another woman turn up claiming to be his wife.  There is a murder and a great twist at the end. The auditorium was full and the audience were asked to wear masks but only about 20 of us in the dress circle were doing so. It just seemed too high risk not to wear a mask. We really enjoyed the play and also our meal at Pizza Express before the performance. 

Today I'm driving with Lucy to meet some puppies and hopefully there will be one that we bond with and he/she bonds with us. I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow. Today I may get some stitching done this evening but it depends how the day pans out.

Take care



  1. A new puppy, do hope you find the very special one to take home when the time is right.

  2. I think your idea of cardboard templates is good & I still have a few from long ago. Stitching is something you can do whenever, as it is so portable. Oh, viewing puppies can be overwhelming, but don't be hasty & hopefully soon you'll find one that is right. Hope we see your progress with lots of photos. Take care & hugs.