Friday 22 April 2022

A busy week

The week has been rather busy but unfortunately not with sewing. I kept planning for a 'nothing but sewing' day but other priorities got in the way. However I have managed to complete the main embroidered blocks for the Noah's ark quilt. Yesterday I trimmed the blocks and added a border. I laid them out on the floor to take a photo

I'm really happy with how the blocks look and I love the rainbow paw print fabric. I'm hoping to get the rest of this quilt top finished over the next couple of days. Before I can do that I need to stitch the last block which is a continuation of the rainbow across the top. That is all hooped up and ready to go. This is stitched using chain stitch.

The last couple of evenings I've started some knitting. Katy wanted a baby blanket and I offered to knit one. She didn't want it knitted in white or a pastel colour and in the end choose red.

I love this pattern and have knitted it a couple of times before but never in red. The photo below is rather dark but I can't find a better one at the moment.

I'm also cutting the pieces for the butterfly for the second baby quilt I'm working on. I'm hoping to get that all done today and then I can get on with the butterfly blocks. I haven't done any quilting on the Austen family quilt. It's a very large quilt and I'm concerned that sometimes bits of it slide off the table. Missy loves to tug at things at the moment so I need a puppy free space to work on it.

Missy is difficult to take a photo of since her fur is so dark but the one below does show how her fur is starting to develop into curls. At the moment her fur seems to be going in all directions. She had a trip to the vet yesterday for her first vaccinations. The vet told me she would be sleep today but that hasn't happened yet. I'm hopeful I may get a quiet afternoon.

John has been sorting the garden this week. It needed a general tidy up after the winter and we needed to ensure it is puppy proof. She can't go out until a week after her second injections. We have a puppy pen that we use to keep her and us safe when we are cooking or decorating. She is fascinated by the ladder! We can now put her in the pen in the garden when we are outside until she's had her next injections. We've started to get her used to her harness and lead ready for when we can go for walks. Since Scamp and Casso died a couple of the neighbouring cats have taken to sunning themselves in the garden. I don't think they'll be happy to see a new dog living here.

This morning I've made some bread and had a meet up with some friends over Teams. Missy is now having a nap and so I'm going to get on with my sewing.

Take care



  1. Your blocks turned out great. I love that paw print too. Very cute. And your puppy…when we got Smitty so many years ago, I had forgotten how active kittens were. I wonder if its the same for you now with Missy.

  2. The embroidered blocks are lovely, it's going to be a beautiful quilt. I think whites and pastels are baby colours of long ago now, it seems bright colours are in for babies and I'm sure the red baby blanket will be beautiful. Awww, how cute is Missy, all those puppy cuddles, she's gorgeous.

  3. The blocks are looking so good with their borders and the red yarn for a baby blanket is definitely different, but I do like that pattern. Oh Missy, you are so cute and I'd love cuddles too. Take care and hugs.