Thursday 28 May 2020

Sewing with Lucy

At the weekend I told you about Lucy and the quilt she has started to make as one of her thirty before she's 30 challenges. Today I was able to take a photo of the two blocks she has made a start on. We had a lot of fun working together to get these blocks planned and set up. Lucy had no idea that you could attach the applique pieces using heat and bond. She was also amazed at how long it takes to make decisions about which fabrics to use. She is going to hand embroider the applique pieces onto the backing fabric and so has been practising to ensure her stitches will be neat and even.

The first block has her birth details on

and the second is about her trips to Kandersteg, Switzerland with the Guides.

She has one other block that she's designed and she intends to put that one together tomorrow. She'll be doing the stitching a little at a time in the evenings. Over the weekend she wants to spend some time roughing out designs for the next 3 blocks.  I have been given the task of hand embroidering a block with her name and favourite flowers. The lock down due to covid 19 has certainly given us lots of mother daughter time.

I haven't done very much today as I had a migraine and so I've been a little wobbly all day. I'm hoping that I'll be more effective tomorrow. I did take a couple of photos in the garden when i went out to get some fresh air. I have two pink roses and this first one has a beautiful fragrance

This one is an older rose bush and a much lighter and more delicate pink but equally fragrant.

The yellow rose was new last year. So far there are only these two blooms open but it is loaded with buds.

The pots of mixed geraniums have just started to flower with the white and pink ahead of the red plants. By next week they'll all be in flower

We also have several pots of strawberries and they have a lot of fruits that are developing well. 

Tomorrow I want to spend time working on my hand stitching but I would also like to complete the scrappy quilt top.  Tomorrow is supposed to be hot so I may be able to sit and stitch in the garden.



  1. Stitching in the garden sounds lovely. Especially since your flowers are so beautiful. Happy you and Lucy are making memories through sewing and quilting. Hopefully it will open a new hobby for her. Her blocks look great.

  2. What a sweet post. I love Lucy’s quilt blocks, and the roses are gorgeous. We had roses at our previous home, and we planted some here. The deer wouldn’t leave them alone, and so we dug them up and gave them to our son and DIL. I miss having them.