Sunday, 31 May 2020

Sunday sewing

The weather here in London is really hot and sunny and it was perfect for a walk, so yesterday John and I drove the short distance to Wimbledon common where we met up with Katy for a walk. Since Katy isn't part of our household we still need to social distance but it was good to have another walk together and be able to chat. We decided to see if it was crowded by the lake just down from the windmill. We were in luck, although there were a few people about they kept their distance and there was plenty of room. Across the other side of the lake was a swan family. It would have been nice to have walked round to get a good picture but several other people were heading that way so we left it.

Turning slightly to look along the lake there is a huge patch of yellow water lilies. 

Yesterday they were just buds with a few almost open. We plan to visit later this week and they should look amazing.

Further along the path we came across this fungi

In total we did a circuit of about 5 miles. It felt very good to have walk When we got home I did some work on the bag I'm making but I made a mistake so need to unpick what I did. As a result I won't have it finished this month. Having realised I'd made a mistake I put it away and picked up Charlotte to work on. I've now finished her jacket and I'm working on her skirt. 

As well as working on Charlotte today I also finished my scrappy quilt. I'm pleased with how this looks and I pulled out some wadding and a backing. I will need to join the wadding before I can use it but that's simple enough. I'd forgotten I had the fabric I will use for the backing.

That used up some of my 2 and half inch squares but I've still got a lot so I started making 9 patch blocks.

Even if I use up all my squares I still have loads of scraps to cut more. Every project you make just generates more scraps.

Tomorrow is a work day but I'm hoping to finish at a reasonable time and have a chance to do some more sewing. I started the challenge to do a minimum of 15 minutes stitching a day back in January but work got busy in February and the challenge was too much to achieve. Since working from home it is easier to make time for stitching. I get up at the time I always have done but of course I have no travelling to do so I'm able to fit in some stitching. I'm pleased the university isn't planning on rushing back to work and teaching face to face.

I'm linking this post with Kathy from Kathy's quilts for her Slow Sunday Stitching 

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  1. What a lovely walk. I keep telling myself I’ll get out, and the wildflowers are pretty right now. We’ve been spending so much time in the garden, and I’m too tired to walk after that. Your quilt turned out great. I’m always forgetting I already have a backing for certain quilts.

  2. The common looks a lovely place for a walk, so nice to be out in the fresh air and seeing the swans, I should think. Dont suppose you saw any Wombles?