Tuesday 18 April 2023

Dolls House Catch up

Work is proceeding slowly on the house but at least it's moving in the right direction. There are areas of both the basement and the main house that I've done work on but none of the rooms are yet full finished.  The wood flooring is finished in the basement and it looks really good. I still need to add the door between the kitchen and sewing room or whatever it becomes. For Christmas I was given some furniture for the kitchen

The second basement room has also been painted. All the windows are fully completed. I need to add the skirting boards and also the electrics to these areas.

Working on the main house I have inserted the main windows and the front door. The windows in the basement are fixed but the sashes in the main house work with the lower sash being able to open. The outside of the basement still has to be painted to match the rest of the house before I can finish the whole basement area. All of the windows need to have the sills attached. They have been painted and just need gluing in place.

Some of the attic area has been wallpapered and some painted but I haven't done any work on the roof. There are two dormer windows to be attached to the roof before I can add the tiles. The 4 rooms in the main house have all been painted.

There is still a lot to do including the floors, skirting boards and the electrics. I'm not worried or upset that it is taking so long as I wanted this as a long term project but I do want the main building completed this year. I am slowly starting on the bits I'm really looking forward to,  making the carpets and soft furnishings for the inside and also making the dolls that will live in the house. Don't ever suggest that I make things easy for myself.

I'm not working on Friday and my plan is to work on the dolls for the house. I want to make the four dolls so I have a complete family. I've read all the instructions and it looks very straightforward to make but due to the size it will be rather fiddly. Meanwhile in the evenings this week, I slowly stitching the binding down on the Christmas mini and also working on the cross stitch book marks. I'll show you how successful I've been on Friday.

Take Care



  1. I'm completely in awe of this project & must show cousin & friend. One year for Xmas I received a cardboard replica of Princess Anne's doll house, made it up, only to have my brothers sit on it & squash it. Look forward to seeing this slowly come together. Take care & hugs.

  2. This is such a sweet project. Barbara @ Cat Patches.