Tuesday 11 April 2023

Threads through Creation part 2

I promised to share the remaining 6 panels of the quilt exhibition at Bath Abbey. I'm sorry for the delay but I've been enjoying some time with my family . We had a very quiet and enjoyable Easter, good food, good wine, walks with Missy and a little crafting. I hope you all had time with family over the holiday . So without further ado here are the remaining panels.

Panel 7 depicting day 6 the creation of a variety of living creatures.

Day 6 and the world is populated by a variety of living creatures including man. In this panel Jacqui Parkinson wanted to show all the creatures getting on together. There were a lot of things to spot in this panel including the white mouse in Adam's hand. There is also a fluttering butterfly on Eve's finger. She also deliberately gave Adam and Eve different coloured skins , because 'difference is beautiful'. I loved the small blocks on the side of this panel with various flying insects and creepy crawlers.

Panel 8 depicting day 7 the day of rest.

Jacqui Parkinson wanted to depict rest but resting could be very boring as perhaps nothing is happening. She took the idea that rest was all about completion and fulfilment. There are squares covering this panel and Jacqui has put symbols relating to the 6 days of creation sequentially into these squares. She has also inserted a white cross and added the gold spiral on top of it. Remember she is using the spiral to represent God, the father, son and Holy spirit.

Panel 9  depicting danger in the garden of Eden.

This panel is based on the book of Isaiah and depicts Satan in the guise of a snake. It will lead to trouble in the future.

Panel 10 Two trees, two keepers.

In the garden that God had created there were two trees, the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Adam and Eve were forbidden to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge. On the panel the golden spiral is at the centre of the Tree of Life. There is another spiral imitating God, the snake who is planning on undermining the perfect planet, he is depicted by a red spiral.  I like the two spirals and the close up of the leaves on the trees.

Panel 11 depicting the snake talking to Eve.

One day the snake meets Adam and Eve to talk to them. The snake offers them the opportunity to be able to make all their own decisions. Adam and Eve having eaten the fruit realised they are naked  and cover themselves with leaves.

Panel 12 Goodbye to Eden.

Since Adam and Eve broke God's rules they and all the creatures in creation must go with them from the Garden of Eden. This panel depicts them leaving

I love the detail on this panel and there was so much to spot. I spent ages looking at the panel and a young girl came and stood near me counting the animals and ticking off on her fingers the different types of animals.

For those of you in the UK who may want to see the exhibition for yourselves here is the itinerary but do check dates on cathedral web sites before visiting as they might change.

7th January to 19th March – BATH ABBEY
22nd March to 30th April – PETERBOROUGH CATHEDRAL
3rd May to 11th June – St ALBANS CATHEDRAL
14th June to 23rd July – ELY CATHEDRAL
26th July to 3rd September – ROCHESTER CATHEDRAL
6th September to 15th October – PORTSMOUTH
18th October to late November – WELLS CATHEDRAL


Mid January to 3rd March – SHEFFIELD CATHEDRAL
6th March to 14th April – BLACKBURN CATHEDRAL
17th April to 2nd June – LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL
5th June to 21st July – LEOMINSTER PRIORY
24th July to 8th September – SHERBORNE ABBEY
11th September to late November – TBC

As well as enjoying Easter with my family I have been been busy sewing. So long as it isn't raining heavily tomorrow, John, Lucy and I are hoping to go walking but I'll let you see what I've been working on.

Take care


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