Monday 17 April 2023

Quilt shop and walking

 Back in March when we visited Somerset I was able to visit my favourite quilt shop, Midsomer quilting. I know March is a while back but I haven't shown you the photos of the quilts that were on display. Some of the quilts are made by the women who work there, some by customers, some are made as examples of the classes being run and others as examples of the patterns they are selling. The quilts decorate the walls, and give people ideas on what they could be making, whilst also demonstrating colour combinations.  So here are the quilts from that trip.

This quilt was made by the lady who does their longarm quilting. I love the colour and different blocks in this quilt. In the entrance hall to the shop there was a display of fabrics that could be used if making a coronation quilt. Hanging on the wall above the fabric was this impressive quilted union flag. The different fabrics play well together.

This one was a little difficult to Photograph due to the position it was displayed in. I like the graduation of colours from the top to the bottom.

This one created different patterns depending on how you looked at it. Some sections would seem to stand out whilst others receded. At times the square in the middle seemed to be at the bottom of a dip with the surrounding blocks coming up and then it would appear to be the top of a pyramid. I love visual illusions.

I like the interwoven effect on this quilt. The top of the quilt looks darker than it was due to the shadow but it was also darker than the lower part of the quilt.

Back in 2015 I made a baby quilt using a simpler interwoven pattern. I had won a jelly roll from Sharon at Vroomans Quilts in 2014 (I can't remember what for) but it was perfect for the quilt. 

My purchases on this visit were quite limited and included the fabric I've used to back the Christmas mini quilt and the sashing and backing for the bag ladies. I also bought two fat quarters. I don't have a plan for either FQ but I particularly liked them so had to buy them.

Last weekend we visited Barnes wetland centre. The sun was shining and we sat outside to have our coffee before we started our walk. There were so many robins singing in the hedgerow. They didn't fly off as we went by.

The sky was very blue with fluffy white clouds being blown across and there was a green hue on the trees.

The hedges were further forward with their leaves than the trees.

The snakes head fritillary were blooming 

The marsh marigolds were giving a great splash of colour.

and cowslips were poking their heads out of the grass

The clouds were beautifully reflected in the water.

At last I've caught up with our visits and walks. OK so I'm a little late with them but the old saying is that 'it's better late than never.' I'm not sure why I got so far behind!  

Over this coming week I want o make a start on the dolls for the dolls house. 

I'd planned to do this ages ago but didn't read all the instructions and items needed to complete them. Now I have and I have everything I need to get them made. First job is to trace the patterns onto freezer paper. So I'll go and get on with that.

Take care



  1. Love the displayed quilts at the shop, Many, many years ago living in Hobart, our LQS always had their own display & customers too. Your walk photos are lovely & I can see Spring on the way. Oh.................the teeny weeny dolls.............can't wait to see them made & in your doll house. One of my friends & my cousin (they also share the same name) both do doll houses, so I'll try and somehow show them too. Take care & hugs.

  2. Beautiful quilts on display, I really like the woven design. And your nature photos are stunning. As for those dolls, they must be incredibly tiny. Best of luck for this project.