Friday 14 April 2023

Making sandwiches

Today was a bit of a hotchpot sort of a day. This morning I had to attend a meeting for work which took about 2 hours. The meeting went smoothly and soon I was free to get on with my holiday. I started by making sandwiches, quilt sandwiches that is. First I needed to piece the backing fabric for the quilting bag ladies. The ladies seemed to be annoyed that I'd taken so long to get the top together but pleased that I was getting nearer to finishing the quilt. I also sandwiched the Christmas mini. The bag ladies quilt fitted nicely on the dining table so no crawling round the floor needed to get the job done. A very satisfying job and two quilts now needing quilting. I love the little cottage fabric.

Having completed the quilt sandwiches, Lucy and I decided to take a walk to our local craft centre. This sells fabric, wools, haberdashery items plus other craft products. Lucy has been teaching herself to crochet and had almost run out of yarn. She is crocheting a blanket and really enjoying the process. We spent a little checking out the fabrics and stroking the yarns before lucy made a decision on what she wanted. On the way home we stopped and enjoyed a delicious coffee and shared a caramel chocolate brownie. After our coffee break we continued our walk home. The sun disappeared and it went gone very cold as it began to sleet. What is wrong with the weather this year?

Back home I pulled out one of my 'in progress' projects. This is a small table centre. This is how far I had got when I last worked on it.

Today I wanted to add the applique tulips to this piece. I used bondaweb to attach the tulips. I am happy with the way it looks and I will be stitching the applique down tomorrow before I make the quilt sandwich. There is a chance I may have three quilts finished in the near future

I'm not sure what fabric I will use for the backing for this quilt but quite possibly I'll end up piecing the back.

Having finished with my sewing projects for the day I prepared a lasagne for dinner and made some banana bread to use up three over ripe bananas. As a family we all like bananas so I'm not sure why these haven't been eaten already but no problem, I can guarantee the banana bread won't last very long. I also managed to fit in picking up food for Missy, doing some reading and walking Missy with Lucy. Fortunately our walk this time was dry. Tomorrow John is going over to Katy's to do some work on her house. There are shelves to put up and some painting to finish. I will go over later but before that I have some quilting to get started. I also have a work meeting in the early afternoon. I must  remember to take the time back for the work I've done while on holiday. In the run up to bedtime I'm going to start planning out Missy's quilt. She used Scamp's quilt when she was a small puppy but now she is fully grown she needs a larger size

 Take care



  1. You certainly have a lot on the go at the moment. Wonder what you are planning for Missy's quilt?

  2. Ooooh, I love those fabrics in your top photo. Very pretty. Barbara @ Cat Patches