Wednesday 12 April 2023

Sewing and things

Since the beginning of the year I have been trying to do some hand stitching or sewing every day. I've found it my preferred way to relax and even if the project I'm working on doesn't go as well as I would like it doesn't stress me out. I have also found I don't need to be making something to enjoy my sewing hobby. Planning new projects, sorting fabrics, keeping all my supplies in order and using scraps are enjoyable. Last week, on the first day of my holiday i decided that some scrap management was in order. I have two boxes where I keep scraps and both were full. What better way to start the holiday that reducing the scraps by prepping them into usable sizes. I decided to work on one box this holiday as I had sewing I wanted to do as well. This was my box at the beginning of the week.

When I started the lid didn't fit on as scraps were just piled into the box. You can see some squares that I'd cut already on the right hand side of the photo. Today the box looks like this. I had emptied it completely but moved the overspill from the other box. A very satisfying activity and I now have lots of 2 and half inch squares ready to start a scrappy quilt.

In early March I also finally got round to sewing the quilting bag ladies into a quilt top. I found this fabric on my visit to Midsommer Quilting when John and I were in Somerset. I love the old sewing machine design and decided it was perfect for the sashing and borders.

I wanted all the machines to be the right way round and I think it was worth it. The top has been folded and scrunched up so I apologise for the creases. I'm hoping to get this top sandwiched tomorrow or Friday. Once finished the quilt will be displayed on the stairway. These ladies have waited a long time to be finished into a quilt. I started stitching them when Barbara from Cat Patches run a stitch along to complete one bag lady a month over 2017. If you haven't visited Barbara's blog follow the link. There is a lot of quilting and hand stitching but also cooking, gardening, cats, camping trip and so much more. 

Today I set out to turn the Noel stitchery into a little top. I was very pleased with how the stitching turned out.

I pulled some Christmas fabric from my stash and got busy with my rotary cutter. I needed to trim the embroidery before I could start. It all came together very quickly and easily. This will be sandwiched at the same time as the bag ladies.

On March 25th I visited the The Stitch Festival at the Business Design Centre in London with my friend and colleague Michelle. We both bought fabric to make some dresses, enjoyed a delicious lunch and enjoyed each others company. Michelle took this photo of the pair of us. We had a great time and she treated me to a glass of prosecco to round off a perfect day. We both have yet to make a dress with our fabric but we both have it in our sights. It is so much more fun to visit an event like this with a friend. It is something I always did with my mother when she was alive.

Finally to show how slowly some things happen in our house, here is a photo of one of the Christmas jigsaws we bought. Lucy and I started it in the week before Christmas and it has been waiting to be finished. At last over the Easter weekend John and I sat down and finished it. The second puzzle will have to wait until Christmas comes round again.

My plan for this evening is a little hand stitching on a cross stitch book mark and planning out a quilt. I'm currently rewatching all the Midsomer Murders and that will make a perfect accompaniment to the stitching. Meanwhile here in London it is raining again so I'm going to close the curtains and shut the world and the weather out. Missy will need her late evening walk but Lucy and Richard can do that. Tomorrow is older daughter's birthday and I was planning on going to see her but her plans have changed so it may be a sewing day.

Take care



  1. Your day out sounds lovely, as you say, always much better with a friend. I remember stitching those bag ladies, although I didn't remember there being so many of them. Yes, like you, I enjoy Barbara's blog too. Her camping experiences in USA are so different to ours here in New Zealand.

  2. What an enjoyable post with some great photos, namely you & your friend & the bag ladies quilt. Look forward to seeing that one quilted. I've also been sorting scraps & my go-to of an evening is either stitching of the sewing kind, or crochet/knitting. We've just framed a jigsaw that our DD gave hubby for Xmas & was so pleased all pieces (1500 of them) were there as it had come from an Op Shop. Maybe in my next post I'll show that & do some catching up of my own. Take care & hugs from down under.

    1. Sorting scraps, assembling quilt tops and going off for a fun day with Michelle all sound like lovely ways to spend your holiday, Lindsey! Happy birthday to Katy!!