Sunday 30 April 2023

Getting on with the quilting.

I've not been missing in action since my last post, just working. I have found work and sewing and trying to post on my blog is just too much and doesn't fit into the time available. In an evening after work I tend to do some slow stitching or planning but sometimes I get my machine out. It all depends on the time I arrive home, who is cooking dinner and how busy the day has been. In younger years I wouldn't have worried about any of that, I'd get my machine out and sew late into the evening and occasionally all night just to complete a project. 

On Friday I had a few chores to do and then I was able to set up my sewing machine and get on with the quilting on the tulip table topper. I still needed to finish sewing the applique down so that was the first job. Then I got on with the main quilting. I had spent some time thinking about how I wanted to quilt this piece and I'd decided I wanted to echo quilt around the tulips. I think the quilting has worked well. I've attached the binding but it still has to be stitched down.

I haven't finished the binding on the Christmas mini yet, mostly because I had a book I wanted to finish reading and I was working on a project for the Rose Coloured Glasses blog hop taking place next month. I think I may have over stretched myself on that project, only time will tell.

Yesterday John and I went walking to our favourite bluebell wood and 7 friends joined us. The weather was very warm and I forgot to take sun screen with me. Fortunately, I didn't end up with sun burn. The bluebells were beautiful.

There were also primroses, cowslips and violets.

and I almost forgot the wild garlic.

We ended the walk with a late lunch at a cafĂ©, where John and I enjoyed a tasty prawn salad and a slice of lemon drizzle cake before heading home. The day was perfect for a walk and we really enjoyed it. Maybe we will have time to do another one next weekend.

This evening I am working on my project for the May blog hop. Sorry I can't show you a picture at the moment. Tomorrow is a bank holiday in the UK and John and I are having a craft day. John will be working on his Vulcan bomber model and I will be working on the dolls for my dolls house.  I'm hoping to make at least one of the dolls.

Take care


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  1. So busy & I understand about fitting things in when you work full time and still have some at home, though those days are long past with being an "oldie" and retirees now. Both your small quilted/embroidered pieces look stunning. see a bluebell wood again. Cooling down somewhat here and we need to go cutting timber for our woodburner some time this week. I'm doing a QAL also, but with houses and that is fun. Have a good week, take care & hugs.