Tuesday 2 June 2020

oops I started another quilt

A full day of teaching left me feeling tired and drained. The students are lovely and very eager to learn but teaching on line is much harder than face to face. At the end of the working day I needed to chill out and relax so I pulled out my sewing. 

At the weekend I finished my scrappy quilt but I still have hundreds of 2 and half inch squares so I started a second scrappy quilt using 9 patch blocks. I set up my machine and pulled out the squares ready to start sewing but... it just didn't grab my interest so I packed it up

I keep trying to show more restraint and so limit the number of UFO's I'm working on at a time but I'm sorry,when the fabrics are such pretty colours how is a serial project started meant to behave. Remember that box of pretty batiks I received this month?

I  grabbed my cutting board, rotary cutter  and quilt pattern. I also set up my mini ironing board as the fabrics needed to be pressed before cutting.  The cutting instructions are very clear and this is a quilt where all the pieces need to be cut before you can start the sewing.

Unfortunately I don't have a sewing room and so I work on the dining table. I didn't get all the fabric cut before I had to set the table for dinner. It was a pain packing up before it was all done but the Thai green curry John had cooked was delicious so I'm not going to complain.

After dinner I decided to read. I'm currently reading Lethal White by Robert Galbraith or J.K. Rowling as she is better known. This is her fourth book in the Strike series and I loved the previous 3. 

This one is causing me trouble but not because of the story line or the writing style. The story is really good but the book is huge and is also hard back. I've been reading it at bedtime but the book is far too heavy in weight to enjoy as bedtime reading.  Usually I use my kindle for my bedtime reading as there's no weight in it and it's back lit so if John wants to go to sleep I can read without having a light on. I've spent the rest of the evening reading which I enjoyed.   

Tomorrow I will sandwich the scrappy quilt and start the quilting. The quilt is 30 x 30 so shouldn't take long to quilt. Last night I unpicked my error on the hexie bag and tomorrow I can also recommence work on this. This was my one monthly goal for May but unfortunately I didn't get it finished. I'm glad I spotted the error as it would have detracted from the overall look of the bag.

Tomorrow is another work day and I'm interviewing, which is fun. Tomorrow evening we also want to visit Wimbledon Common to see if the water lilies have opened. For now it's time for bed. My eyes are tired from reading and my arms from holding the book.

Take care



  1. Oops. I just hate it when the fabric spreads itself out, and the cutter jumps into my hand, and I start making a quilt I didn’t mean to. It’s kind of like when I’m baking cookies and the chocolate chips fall into my mouth!

  2. Those fabrics are just to beautiful to resist to resist. Can't wait to see how it progresses. It's not your fault the box was so tempting this month.