Sunday 8 November 2020

Slow Sunday Stitching.

Yesterday, LD 2.3. was bright sunny and fairly cold. One of those autumnal days that call to you and encourage you to go for a walk. Lucy, John and I should have been in Suffolk this weekend to finish off our walk along the Stour and Orwell rivers. We are still  able to travel for work, essential journeys or exercise but this is a fair distance from home and we couldn't justify the journey, so we canceled our room bookings. In the event it turned to our advantage as John has injured his foot so walking would have been slow and painful for him.  Since the weather was so bright we took our exercise around the cemetery, completing 3 circuits That's almost a 4 mile walk by the time we get home. John's foot was sore at the end but he enjoyed the exercise. The cemetery has a lot of old graves, war graves and also an abundance of birds and wild flowers. There are still a few trees with autumnal leaves but most have fallen and in some places make the ground very slippery. The cemetery also has bee hives and there is now honey available for sale. It's slightly more expensive than the honey from the supermarket but we know where it has been produced and have watched the bees busy at work whilst on our walks.

At the weekend I always make a cake and this week Lucy asked for mince pies. She likes them but finds the shop bought ones have too much pastry on them for her tastes. I tend either to leave them without a lid or just add a small shaped piece on top. The pastry is shortcrust made with 50% plain flour and 50% wholemeal plain flour. Having used up all the mincemeat I filled the last few cases with lemon curd.

I also baked a white loaf using a new bag of flour and new yeast. It just kept on rising and produced a magnificent loaf. Richard wouldn't wait for me to take a photo. You can see where the top of the bread tin reached. I had a slice of bread with my soup at lunch time and it was delicious.

I'm continuing making a block a day for the Austen quilt. I used some of the same fabrics from the last block and added a couple of different pieces. I altered the block a little as the two light corner squares should have been made up of 4 small squares but I felt it made the block too busy.

Today being Sunday is all about the weekly link up of slow stitching. Yesterday evening I did some stitching on the border of my sampler. I've almost completed the border alongside the William Shakespeare square and today will move the hoop so I can work on the next section. Two more repeats of the border pattern brings me to the bottom corner. Some of the border on the bottom is already done.

John and I need to go for a short walk to get our exercise so that's next on the agenda. I'll walk Scamp later in the evening. Hopefully there won't be any more fireworks tonight but they will be back next weekend as it's Diwali. The celebrations for that will be severely curtailed this year due to lockdown which is a shame since it is an important religious celebration.

I'm linking this post with Kathy from Kathy's Quilts for her Slow Sunday Stitching. Once we've had our walk and I've done a couple of little chores I will have a good length of time for slow stitching. 

Take care



  1. Great projects and stitching! The pieces look delicious!

  2. Your baked goods had my mouth watering!
    Enjoy your slow stitching!

  3. What a pretty cemetary. I can see that it would make a pleasant place to walk. I have to admit that I have never had mincemeat pie. My grandmother used to make it, but I never tasted it. Your quilt block is very pretty. I really like that border on your cross-stitch piece. Enjoy your stitching.

  4.’ve been so busy! You’re getting a lot done. I love the look of that bread. I have a recipe for a nice sandwich loaf. It can be white or wheat. Either way, it’s so good. I’ve been avoiding baking because we’re both dieting, but I sure do miss it. Honey for sale at the cemetery. That would get me there in a heartbeat. I love fresh honey straight from the beehive. My dad was a hobbyist beekeeper, and I loved all that honey.

  5. Lovely baking, and your cross stitch project is nearing the end, so that is exciting, I'm sure.