Tuesday 31 October 2023

Happy Halloween


When I went out on Saturday evening I found I was passing witches and ghouls as I walked to the local supermarket. Worrying since it wasn't Halloween. I think the local medical college  was having a party event. Fast forward to this evening and I decided it was safer to stay indoors and get on with my stitching rather than having to avoid more witches.  I had sweets and treats at the ready in case any young witches, wizards or ghosts came calling but the door bell didn't ring. Unfortunately there are no young children of an age to go trick or treating. They are either teenagers who just want to meet up with their friends or they are still young babies.

It's very quiet in our house this evening as Richard and Lucy left for a short break in Paris with their sister, her partner and son. They travelled to Paris on the Eurostar and have an Airbnb booked for their stay. Missy is already walking round the house wondering where they are. I hope she settles when we head for bed.

This evening I have stitched while watching TV and I've finally finished the bag ladies quilt. I'm so happy to have this quilt finished. It is my 2nd finish in the month. The quilt was started in 2017 and it was my third oldest UFO.

My second oldest UFO is the hexi quilt and it feels good to have started the quilting on this project. It feels even better to be completing old projects. Tomorrow when I get home I may start a block on the dinosaur quilt. I haven't cut all the background fabric for this quilt yet but I have done enough to start one of the blocks. It all depends how tired I am tomorrow evening.

A short post tonight but it is good celebrating a finish.

Take care



  1. Congratulations on finishing up you Bag Lady quilt! I just finished a UFO from 2017 last week. I haven't decided which one will be next. Best of luck with the quilting of your Hexie quilt, Lindsey!

  2. Your bag ladies look wonderful. It's always so nice to have a finish.

  3. Beauiful! Nice work. It must feel good to have it finished. Barbara @ Cat Patches