Monday, 4 November 2019

No Slow stitching

Yesterday, Sunday is set aside for some slow Sunday stitching. Those of you who follow my blog know I have a variety of different projects on the go at any one time and I work on them in no particular order . The only time this changes is if I have a deadline I need to meet. My only deadline at the moment is to finish John's jumper but I need a break from it for a few days. Even with a break it should be finished by the end of the week. The jumper is in an aran weight wool and therefore rather heavy. My arms need a bit of a rest.

I was thinking about what stitching to do yesterday when I decided that I'd sort out my various embroidery projects before I got started. I had recently been given some cross stitch kits and I knew there were some of the free kits from magazines in amongst them. These I don't usually stitch up. I tend to keep the fabric and the embroidery floss and use them to make gift tags. 

I started by culling the unwanted freebie cross stitch kits. I ended up with a pile of floss and smaller pieces of Aida and even-weave. Next I got my project note book and made a list of all the projects. I originally had 6 embroidery pieces I was working on but now I have 24 listed. The ones I had been given I checked carefully to ensure the kits were complete. 

In looking at my 6 original projects I found that I had a bag lady missing! I know I had Thelma but she seems to have gone walk about.

I had started to stitch Thelma but hadn't finished her. I turned my sewing cupboard upside down but to no avail. I just can't find her anywhere. 

As I went through more of my projects I realised that I couldn't find the cat cross stitch I had been working on.

Maybe the cat has run off with Thelma to have a better life. I need to have a serious search for them both, especially Thelma as I'm one bag lady short of enough for a full quilt.

By the time I'd logged all the projects having gone through my embroidery bag it was too late for slow Sunday stitching but I had a much better idea of what I need to do and finish. I need to work out a way to rotate the projects so they all get worked on.

Today I've been at work and got home quite late so I ended up watching TV to relax. Hopefully tomorrow night I'll get home earlier and get some time for stitching.



  1. Oh, that’s maddening when you can’t find something like that. How strange.

  2. What s happened to Thelma? Do hope you didn't take her on holiday to stitch and leave her behind? Perhaps you could look back through your blog and see where you were and what you were up to last time you worked on her?