Friday, 15 November 2019

Sewing and a finish.

Today was my day off and so I'd set aside time for sewing but I'd also planned to do some more marking. First I had to take Picasso to the vet for his yearly check up and vaccinations. The vet was both surprised and pleased at how fit and well he is and how young he looks. Picasso is now 18 but he behaves like a much younger cat. Earlier this year he was unwell. We got him from Battersea cats and dogs home when he was about a year or 2 years old. He had spent his life living in a high rise block of flats and in trying to get out he'd fallen quite a distance which damaged his right back leg. His leg was injured a few months back and the vet gave him some medication to relieve his pain. Unfortunately the medication damaged his kidneys and we were told he'd only live a few weeks at the most. He's been on his renal diet since then, has put on weight and he is enjoying life once more. Having had his vaccinations he spent most of the day napping but he's been out and about this evening until it started raining.

Once home and having given Picasso a long cuddle I got my sewing out. My first job was to make and then trim 64 half square triangles. Trimming blocks really does put quite a strain on my wrist but it means everything goes together much better. Press the fast forward button and by the time I stopped for the day I had attached the sashing to make three rows of the quilt. 

I hadn't got any space to take photos of the rows because Lucy was preparing to travel to Stuttgart for a long weekend and she was packing her bag and getting ready to leave.  Getting the quilt to this point should have been fairly quick and easy but the pattern I was using gave the wrong measurements for the sashing and I didn't spot the mistake. Fortunately the sashing was sized too big which meant I had some unpicking, re-cutting and re-sewing to do.  I still need to alter the sashing pieces that will join the rows together but that can wait until tomorrow.

Having finished sewing and having made a trip to the shops for essential supplies (milk so I could have a cup of tea), I settled down to finish sewing up the sleeve seams on John's jumper. I also had some ends to sew in. Finally it was all done and John tried it on and agreed to a photo. 

Since the photo John hasn't taken his jumper off. It's great to have another finish.

This evening I'm working on the elf slippers and watching some TV. Tomorrow there will be more sewing and I'm hoping to finish the quilt top.

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  1. John's jumper is wonderful! It looks so comfortable. The collar and the detail on the neck set it apart and make it so special. Does the word "jumper" identify a particular type of what we call a sweater in the U.S.? Do jumpers never have buttons down the front (a sweater style that we call a cardigan here)? Thanks for explaining the word "jumper," Lyndsey.

  2. Bravo, le pull est très beau, et il a l'air bien confortable! Bisous de Germaine de Béziers

  3. Trimming half square triangles is definitely not fun. Have you ever tried Slotted Trimmers? At least you only have to trim 2 sides instead of all 4. The jumper looks great and looks like it fits nicely. Happy that Picasso had such a good check up.

  4. His "jumper" looks great. I'm interested in the word too. In the USA, a jumper is a sleeveless dress worn over a blouse. We would call what John is wearing a "pullover" sweater. I'm so with you on the wrist strain while trimming HST's. It is true they go together so much easier when neatly trimmed to the correct size.

  5. Wow - that is a great finish!! It looks warm and comfy!! and yay for picasso - I like it when animals get healthier!