Friday, 8 November 2019

Seeing stars

Today I had a day off and having done a little tidying up I got my machine out and settled down to make 18 friendship stars. I had already made the half square triangles but I needed to trim them all. By the time I'd done that my hands were hurting with pins and needles. A quick cup of tea soon restored me and I was ready to start sewing. All 18 stars are now finished but I still have to trim them.

I'm working tomorrow as we have an open day for prospective students, so I won't be doing any sewing but maybe I'll spend some time knitting tomorrow evening. I still have the collar of John's jumper to finish. Following sorting through my embroidery projects I still haven't found Thelma or the cat cross stitch. Not to worry as I have several places I could have put them. My embroidery project that I'm working on is in a Tupperware box and all the others are now stashed in my owl tote bag.

It feels good to have it all in one place.

When I last wrote about John's jumper I commented on the different names we give this item of clothing and it led me to look the names up in the Oxford dictionary. Here's what I found.

Pullover - a knitted garment put on over the head and covering the top half of the body.

Sweater - a pullover with long sleeves

This then means that a pullover can be short or long sleeved or have no sleeves at all.I'd never heard the term pullover used in the context of short sleeves but John told me that he always called something with short sleeves a pullover.

Jumper - this has two definitions 1. a sweater or pullover.  2.  a pinafore dress

Finally what is a jersey. Well this one has 4 definitions and not all related to clothing.

Jersey -  1.  A knitted garment with long sleeves,  2. A distinctive shirt worn by a participant in certain sports.  3. A soft knitted fabric.  4. An animal of the breed of light brown dairy cattle from Jersey in the Channel Islands.

Thank you for your comments on what you call this item of clothing. It seems in the UK they can all be used to mean the same thing.

This evening I'm going out with John, Katy and Lucy. We are heading to the Tate Modern to visit an exhibition by Olafur Eliasson and then going for dinner. I haven't come across work by this artist before so tonight will be fun as I love discovering new to me things. I'm not sure if photography is allowed but I'll take my camera with me in case it is.

Katy came to our house from work and bought me these beautiful iris. I love having cut flowers in the house when the weather outside in grey and raining.

Now I must get ready to go out. I need to get my travel card as we will be travelling by tube. 



  1. Lovely Friendship Stars. Hope you can photograph some of the exhibit. Would love to see some of his work. I have not heard of this artist.

  2. Oh I know the feeling with the friendship stars. Mine are all done now, as is the quilt top. Yay! Your flowers look lovely. The one thing I look forward to with Christmas is the opportunity to decorate with poinsettias. They really brighten things up on dark days.