Thursday 16 January 2020

A stitch here and there.

2020 is turning out to be a good sewing year for me. So far I have managed at least 15 minutes sewing, knitting or embroidery every day. Most days I've been able to spend much longer. I started work on Mr Rabbit's garden and I am really enjoying stitching it. 

I've done quite a lot more work on the embroidery since I took this picture and I may even finish it this week. We are away over the weekend walking in Suffolk so how much gets done depends on how tired I am from the walks.

The reason I'm managing to fit in the stitching is due to a change in mind set. Although I feel tired when I get home from work I know that doing some form of sewing and particularly hand work will help me wind down and relax. Most of last year I was spending time in the evening doing some more work such as marking or preparation and then would not be able to settle to sleep and would wake up the next day feeling tired. When I returned to work after the Christmas break I decided that there would be no more working in the evenings unless there was a major emergency. Work really does need to fit into the working day and if it doesn't then I need to take some action to make sure it does.

I started quilting on the Christmas quilt and so far I've complete 4 of the blocks. I've kept it simple, quilting in the ditch on the patched parts of the block and a meander on the background round the stars. On the sashing between the blocks I'm doing a trail of leaves. The thread is a gold colour. I have two full days at home next week so I expect to have it finished by the end of next week.

Now I need to catch up on reading the posts from my favourite blogs as I feel as if I missed visiting my friends for a cup of coffee and a chat. It's not just the quilting and stitching that's addictive it's also following interesting and inspiring blogs. Next week will be a fun week in blog land as the Winter Blues blog hop will be running. I can't wait to see what folks have made.



  1. Glad you are having more time for stitching. Your quilting is beautiful on your Christmas quilt.

  2. I totally agree with your new outlook, Lyndsey! I love the stitchery you're working on...whose pattern is it? It's very sweet!! :)

  3. Well good for you deciding to make more time for stitching. It is a good way to wind down. I like it first thing in the morning for much the same reason. It puts me in a good mood to start the day.

  4. Those 15 minutes certainly do add up, and as you say, can extend into longer periods. I love your machine quilting, and Im rather impressed with your vines! I can only seem to do meandering and straight or curvy lines. Mustbpractice more, I expect.