Monday, 30 March 2020

Slow stitching.

Sunday was a very cold day here in London and at one point we had snow, sleet, rain and hail all happening one after the other. Add in the wind and it made for an unpleasant day. I needed some milk and to post some letters but other than that we stayed indoors and watched the weather happen through the window. I had some household chores to do but I also had time to do some stitching. I'd  been hoping to get Constance finished this month and sure enough the last stitch was added during the morning.

I want to do some work on my millennium sampler but I also want to finish up these bag ladies, after all I started them in 2017. I pulled out the next lady to be finished which is Mildred.

I've already done quite a bit of stitching on her but there is still a lot left to do. At the same time I pulled out Luna Lapin.

I cut out the pieces for the rabbit and then realised that the last thing I needed to do was start a new stitching project. Having finished a couple of WIP's recently I have some space so will aim to get this made. I need to order some toy stuffing as I haven't got any left but I have everything else I need.

In a few minutes I need to link up with my students so blogging and stitching will have to wait until this evening. In the meantime I'm linking this with Kathy for her Slow Stitching Sunday.

Stay safe



  1. With that kind of weather, it sounds like a day in Oregon. Constance is looking good. I had the hardest time with Mildred’s mouth. I think she’s supposed to not have teeth. Looks like you had a productive day.

  2. You are making great progress with the bag ladies. Constance looks great and Mildred has that smile that you wonder what she is thinking. Such a cute rabbit. Great d├ęcor for Easter!!!

  3. It's nice you had your bag ladies to keep you company on such a miserable day. Hope the sun comes out this week and cast it's happy beams upon you.

  4. I love your Bag Ladies! I believe I've been following your progress (or another blogger's progress) for several years now. Your work is birthday is coming up soon....I may have to take the leap and purchase them! Glad I found you at Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching!

  5. So fun to see the progress on these gals... love the recycled ice cream tub that Mildred is using to carry her hexie supplies in!