Sunday 28 June 2020

A birthday, a haircut and sewing.

Friday was my son's birthday. He's the oldest of our children and the first grandson on John's side of the family.  He'd requested a carrot cake with frosting for his cake which I enjoyed making but unfortunately I forgot to take a photo. Usually birthdays are a family affair with everyone present but the last birthday we could celebrate like that was John's We celebrated Lucy's birthday with a dinner but Katy doesn't live at home so having everyone home for a dinner is currently impossible due to the covid restrictions. Our plan is to have a celebratory dinner once we can be all together again. That could now happen in a few weeks time but we are being careful as Katy teaches at a secondary school so is in contact with quite a number of people. 

 This is a photo of Richard asleep on John when very young.

Having recently got a new computer I'm having trouble syncing my photos so this is the most recent one of him that I can get currently This was an activity day at a campsite he used to do voluntary work at. You can vaguely see he has a cat nose and whiskers on his face.

Friday was also Scamp's day for a haircut. Usually he has a trip to the groomers every three months to have his hair trimmed. Yorkshire terriers don't have fur they have hair and happily it doesn't come out all over the furniture, unlike the black haze Picasso leaves behind at certain times of the year. With temperatures in the 30's he is suffering at the moment, so he was very pleased to be cool again.

Having finished Charlotte I made a start on Thelma. This is the last of the bag ladies. She doesn't seem to have as much character as some of the others but may be because I haven't done that much stitching on her as yet. 

We went for a long walk at box hill yesterday but i'll tell you about that tomorrow. I need to complete some bits for work and if I'm to have any slow Sunday stitching time I need to do that now.

I'm linking this post with Kathy from Kathy's Quilts for her Slow Sunday Stitching link up. I'm interested to see what everyone's been working. Hopefully a little later this evening I'll get some time to do some more stitching on Thelma.

Take care



  1. Well, Happy Birthday to John. A Scamp should feel lucky to be getting a haircut.

  2. Happy Birthday to your son. My son likes to have carrot cake for his birthday sometimes too. Your latest bag lady is sweet. My daughter's dog is currently visiting. She is a Dorkie...half Yorkie/half Doberman, but her coat is definitely more Doberman so she is quite happy that we have air-conditioning. Glad Scamp is cool now.

  3. That baby picture is precious! His little sweater looks hand made? Perhaps a gift from a beloved relative? Thelma looks interesting....I wonder what kind of scraps she collects and what kind of cookies she made? Hmmmmm... :) take good care!