Thursday 18 June 2020

Work in Progress

Hooray it's Wednesday already so only today and tomorrow before my next sewing day. Yesterday I was thinking back over my working life and I realised just how much time I've spent wishing the working week would hurry past so I could enjoy whatever I had planned at the weekend. When I did nights as a nurse we always referred to the middle night of our rota as the 'hump' night. Once you were past the hump you could start planning for the time off that was coming. I generally don't have work commitments on a Friday and since I only work 4 days Friday has become my day off and sewing day. I enjoy the planning of my day, building in time to catch up on reading my favourite blogs, stroking fabric and actual sewing.

Having finished work for the day I grabbed some time before cooking dinner. We tend to share out the cooking between the 4 of us and it was my turn this evening. I'd already cut out the pieces for the 2nd block I was making for the Austen Family Album quilt. This went together very quickly and I'm pleased with how it looks.

Having done that I set about prepping the next block. The most difficult part is deciding on the fabrics to use in each block but I went with the fabrics from the previous block. Finding I had a more time than I thought I made up the block as well. I haven't pressed the final seams yet because I caught a bit of a previous seam into the stitching and I need to unpick that middle seam at the top to sort out the problem.

I'd already stitched the next two rows of the batik quilt so these were added. The colours and the patterns on the fabric are making me so happy.

Lucy had to go into the office today as the lift was being serviced. Earlier in the year she had bought some left over fabric. The fabric is 100% cotton and washes really well. It was used to make celebration scarves when Girlguiding was 100 years old. They also sold yardage for leaders to use as they wanted. I'd asked Lucy to get some to use as backing on children's quilts. It's a shame it has all gone now.

After dinner I picked up my embroidery and worked on that whilst chatting to John and watching The Great British Sewing Bee. This evening was the semi final and I really enjoyed it.

Tomorrow evening I want to prep the next 3 blocks for the Austen Family Album. There won't be much sewing as I have some cleaning and ironing to do so that I have all day for sewing on Friday.

Take care.



  1. I really like your Jane Austen blocks. AS I recall they make up into a nice quilt. Still love those batiks. Hope your Friday sew day is fun!

  2. I love watching the Sewing Bee, although it will probably be a while until it hits our TV. What series are they up to now?