Monday 8 June 2020

Sewing on a Monday

I work on a Monday so fitting any sewing into the day is usually quite difficult. Since the start of working from home I am enjoying being able to sew on any day. I'd finished the scrappy quilt and this morning I quickly set up my machine and had fun quilting it. I kept it simple with diagonal straight lines. I then attached the binding. By 8:30 the machine was away and I was ready for work. Fast forward to my lunch break and I started to stitch the binding down. Being a small quilt that won't take long.

After work I cut out the fabric for a scissor keeper and set to work to make it. It took two pieces of fabric the size of an A4 sheet of paper, a piece of wadding of the same size and half an hour on the machine. I'm very happy with the result and will make another scissor keeper for my daughter. It holds my large dressmaking scissors. For quilting I use the rotary cutter but I have always used scissors when dressmaking and old habits are hard to change. I do use my small 18 mm rotary cutter or my embroidery scissors for cutting out any tricky shapes when dressmaking. Until now the scissors have just been stored loose in one of my sewing drawers but now I will be able to find them easily and they will be kept safe.

I did a meander quilting stitch on the reverse fabric and when I sewed the side seams I forgot that the machine was set for free motion quilting so it's a little wonky on the one side before I realised my mistake.

I love the two fabrics I used as they are so appropriate for this scissor keeper.

I have some really pretty fabric that I want to use to make a keeper for my embroidery scissors.

I finished cutting all the fabric for the rainbow batik quilt and I hope to start the stitching tomorrow. As for tonight I'm going to work on the hexie bag. This project is all hand stitched.

We are trying to walk 3 miles everyday and to help us achieve this we have been looking at the local area. It's a bit boring walking the streets and so we visited the local cemetery. There are two reasonably close to us and both have lots of room for walking. The nearest one also has a wild area to encourage wild life. Today we walked twice round the cemetery, enjoyed the outdoors and the bird life whilst managing to cover over 4 miles. There are a lot of very old graves and some amazing memorials. This is a great place to exercise and no problem with social distancing.

Tomorrow is another busy work day but John has a meeting on zoom in the evening so I will have time for sewing then.

Take care



  1. Really cute scissor keeper and such a good idea. Your little quilt is so cute. Nice to have a finish so you can go on to those beautiful batiks!

  2. The scissors keeper is very cute. I like the fabrics too. I’ll bet that’s an interesting cemetery. I love a good old cemetery. So interesting reading the headstones and wondering about the people.

  3. Always no nice to have a finish or two, and yours look great. Must admit that my small scissors just lie about on my machine cabinet, and often seem to wander away.