Monday 22 June 2020

Slow Sunday Stitching.

Yesterday was Sunday and also Father's Day in the UK. Kathryn and Olly came over to bring  the shopping they had done for us and to bring a present for John. We sat in our small back garden, carefully distanced  to be 2 metres apart. Katy and Olly on one side and the 4 of us on the other. Still we were together as a family which was lovely. I do miss my own father who died in 2006. He enjoyed living life to the full and was always up for fun activities. I'm not sure how he would have coped with this covid world but I know he would have made the best of it. Here's a picture of me and dad enjoying a beer outside a bar in Paris when we visited in 2003 for his 80th birthday and Richard's 21st. This is a typical dad pose as he has a sketch book on his lap and the pencil hasn't been put down while he lifts his glass. Wherever we went he would be sketching, getting ideas for painting. I'm not sure what the rest of the family were doing at this point but dad and I enjoyed our drink and chat 

This week I was determined to finish up the stitching on Charlotte and yesterday morning I put the final stitches in. She is such a sassy lady and she decided she wanted pink hair due to her lock-down attempts at home hair care. As I've stitched these ladies I've made up little stories about them in my head, based on the items they have with them. They are all very different. Now I can move on to the final lady -Thelma.

Last night I worked on the hexie bag. I've almost stitched the sides to the webbing. It's looking really good. I'll be working on the bag this week and aiming to finish it by the weekend.

I've got some sewing booked into my day but first we need to take a trip to the recycling centre and tip. All this clearing the loft has created a lot of things we need to be rid of.

I'm linking this post with Kathy from Kathy's Quilts for her Slow Sunday Stitching



  1. How lovely to see a picture of you and your Dad on your Paris holiday, you must have such great memories of that trip.

  2. I love seeing the picture of your and your Dad. Very sweet.

  3. Charlotte looks adorable. I love that pic of you and your dad. I bet it brings back happy memories.