Tuesday 30 June 2020

June's OMG

It's the end of the month already. In the current situation the passage of time is very strange. On the one hand June has been a long month and I seem to have spent hours and hours working at the computer either preparing documents or teaching online. On the other hand June seems to have galloped by, dragging me along with it. The galloping part of June has affected the free time available for sewing and fun activities. Maybe working from home makes me more aware that I have fun things waiting to be done but first I have to work. The separation between work and play has gone and now the signs of work are nestling next to my sewing items whereas it was very rare that sewing bits made it into my work bag to go into the office with me. Enough of over thinking for the morning as I have a tutorial to give in an hour. It's time to look at the June sewing goals.

For June I set myself the goal of completing the Charlotte embroidery and making a start on Thelma. I completed this goal easily.

When I posted this photo earlier in the month I realised I'd missed stitching around her toe. I've done that but it's easier to pull this photo up from blogger than to take a new one and upload.  I also made a start on Thelma. This was always my least favourite of the ladies but as I stitch her I feel she is starting to develop her own character and I'm enjoying stitching her.

Through June I've done other stitching including making some masks,

I still have some more masks to make. I finished a cushion cover for my brother.

and made scissor keepers for my dress making scissors and one as a gift.

I finished a child donation quilt.

Several blocks have been created for the Austen Family Album quilt and I've added a lot of squares to my collection for my crocheted blanket.

I'm please with what I achieved this month. All that and I'm almost up to date with my work commitments. Not that being up to date is possible as new commitments are added every day.

Next job on the sewing front is to decide July's goal. I have several annual leave days next month so should have more time for sewing.

I'm linking this post with Elm Street Quilts for June's One Monthly Goal link up.

Take care



  1. You’ve gotten a lot done, despite mixing work with sewing. Charlotte is looking great. I actually kind of liked Thelma. If I’m remembering correctly, I gave her French Knots for hair, so she looks as if she has pincurls. Also, I stitched the frame of her glasses with metallic thread.

  2. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish.

  3. Congratulations, you have done very well indeed!