Tuesday 10 August 2021

Monday fun, Tuesday sun and walk

Yesterday (Monday) my car went into the garage for its annual service and I met up with Katy, my older daughter for a shopping trip. We wanted to visit some of the sales before they ended. Having dropped the car off we started our day with Danish pastries and coffee. I don't usually drink coffee as it makes my heart race but I enjoyed a cappuccino without too many adverse effects. We both chose our favourite pastry and then we shared them. It was a great way to start the day. We caught the train to Kingston upon Thames which is our favourite shopping centre. It always seems more of an outing travelling by train. We spent all day on our feet except when we stopped for lunch. We found a new to us Vietnamese restaurant and really enjoyed the food. We sat indoors as the restaurant was quiet. I wished I'd remembered to take a photo of my food as it was colourful as well as delicious. Neither of us bought very much, mine consisted of a pair of trainers, a bra and a shirt pattern, but we had a great time together. Later in the afternoon we collected the car and drove the short distance to Katy's home where we enjoyed a refreshing cup of tea. The rain had held off for most of the day but it poured down during my drive home. I wish the rain would stop for a while as I think I'm developing webbed feet! In the evening I sat and stitched hexies for the grandmothers garden quilt whilst watching TV.

Today John and I wanted to take a walk with Scamp. The weather forecast was showing a much improved temperature and there was only a 5 to 10% chance of rain so having completed some household chores we went walking. There were lots of large puddles and muddy areas along the route which Scamp insisted on walking through. Once home again he spent a long time cleaning his paws. He currently looks a scruffy little dog as he hasn't been to the groomers in ages. He has an appointment next Wednesday and will be  much happier dog with short fur.

This afternoon I wanted to cut out the fabric for a skirt. Prior to the new academic year I like to make a couple of new items of clothing for work. I had this pattern for a wrap over skirt and it will be perfect. I'm making the shorter straight wrap over.  I'll probably make the fuller skirt for next summer.

I carefully cut the pattern pieces I needed to my size and ironed them. T

he paper pattern is always creased from being squidged into the pattern envelope and this can make small differences to the pattern size. If you decide to do this yourself do remember to turn the steam off as it leaves you with a soggy limp pattern. I also pressed the fabric. As soon as I started pinning the pattern on the fabric Picasso appeared.  He's such a helpful sewing cat and takes his responsibilities very seriously.

Picasso wouldn't let me cut the fabric until I'd checked the grainline was right, he really is a perfectionist. I will mark the darts this evening so I can start sewing tomorrow morning.

Tonight I'll also be making more hexies so I can finish the current round on the Grandmothers garden quilt. This currently isn't photo worthy but hopefully will be by the end of the week.

Tomorrow I'm having a sewing day and I'm hoping to get the next block quilted on the Austen Family album quilt.

Take care



  1. The straight wrap around design looks very smart, must admit I havent made clothes for ages.

  2. PS, wanted to say how lovely your new header photo is, I'm presuming the bird is a heron?