Thursday, 5 August 2021

Wednesday sewing

Yesterday, Wednesday, was the first opportunity I've had this week to do any sewing. From 4 p.m. today I am on leave and I have sewing planned into my time off. Until then I am trying to clear some of the little but annoying jobs that keep cropping up.  I've been helped by my trusty PA who has found the work over the last few days so tiring that he is currently taking a well earned nap.

He is currently trying to contact the HR department as he feels that at 19 years old he really should be allowed to retire. He's found the last 18 months very hard because he acts as my PA by sitting on documents that might escape when I'm working and also has to check out and test any quilting activities.  In the photo you can, if you look carefully, see the chocolate brown in his fur. He is an oriental cross and his fur is in fact a very dark lush brown and not the black colour you see on most photos of him.

Yesterday started well as my monthly subscription box was delivered. This month there was some pretty gardening/flowers fabric to make a table runner. The charm pack is gorgeous.

I will probably use the fabrics to make another garden themed cushion as a Christmas present for another gardening mad friend. Home made presents are going well this year.

Yesterday I wanted to make the baby quilt top larger since Lucy wanted to keep this quilt. This was the top before I started work.

I added in a couple of additional rows. Then added a narrow blue border and finally a wider green border. I love the vibrant green fabric. I'm very pleased with the result and the finished top is now 60 by 72 inches. Lucy is very happy with the size of the quilt.

I've been spending some time covering hexie templates with fabric ready to sew into flowers for the grandmother's garden quilt. I took time out from that activity to do a little work on the block for the pride and prejudice quilt. I haven't got very far but at least it's moving forward.

Having finished work for the day I'm now on holiday, (earlier ramblings on this post were written in my lunch break.) Tonight I will plan my sewing time for the holiday. I have quite a lot of other calls on my time including shopping trips (fun ones not grocery shopping) some long walks, visits to places of interest and I think a trip to see an art exhibition. I have warned my family that I will become antisocial if they try to manage all my time. I am having space to sew over the next two weeks whatever happens. This evening I need to decide on my goal for August and I want to plan out a quilt.

Take care


  1. A two week break from work will certainly do you good. It's always so nice to have nice things planned to look forward to, fun shopping, walks, no doubt coffee and cake somewhere nice, and time to factor in some stitching to Enjoy your holiday.

  2. Lucy's quilt looks great & enjoy your 2 weeks holiday, you deserve it. Look forward to hearing about it too. Your PA looks very relaxed & I had a beautiful tabby who reached 18 & I still miss her. Take care & hugs.

  3. Enjoy your two weeks off. Your kitty looks so comfy there.