Sunday, 1 August 2021

A new month and some sewing

July seemed to rush past in a blur. Whatever happened to those long days of childhood. Now the days just don't seem to have enough hours in them to get everything done. Of course it could just be that as a child we tended to live in the moment and not worry what happened next. As an adult there always seems to be something that needs to be done or someone wanting something. I am really pleased that today is the 1st August as this month I will only be working 4 days and the rest is holiday. Time to slow down, do some reading, go for walks with John and scamp and time to just be. Maybe the warm weather will come back as well.

Today I wanted to finish a few bits of sewing that have been on the agenda for some time. I have two cupboards where I store my sewing items and supplies. One of them John has changed for me. It now have shelves and the doors open properly without the need to hold them open. I decided yesterday to sort out both cupboards to make better use of space. During the process of sorting I discovered a couple of sewing projects that needed to be finished or made.  First up was this blouse.

I needed to add the sleeves and finish the hem. That was completed very quickly. It now needs a good press  before I wear it. I love this crazy bold print and I made it to wear with a black skirt I have . The skirt is too boring and the colour in this blouse will certainly liven up the outfit.

Next I needed to make some new pillow cases for Scamps pillows. He has a basket but  also has a pillow on the floor in the kitchen and one in the dinning room. I'd been using some old pillow cases but I'd set aside some fabric to make new ones. I made two covers from each piece of fabric, One on the pillow and one in the wash.

The red is for the kitchen and the green for the dinning room.

Also at the back of the cupboard was the fabric to make curtains for the bathroom. I wanted a new rail for the curtains and so it got put on the back burner, The curtain rail is up and so today I made the curtains. I need some more of the clips to be able to hang the curtains so that will be a job for tomorrow.  I love the bird fabric the curtains are made from.

I haven't done any slow Sunday stitching today but my plan for the week is to spend some time working on the Grandmother's garden quilt. This project has been stalled for some time but I want to move it forward during August. Ideally I would like to make the equivalent of 1 flower each day. That is completely doable since I'm on holiday. Hopefully, in the near future I'll be showing you a photo of this round completely finished.

Tomorrow is one of my working days but once I finish for the day I will be adding the borders to the quilt I made a while ago. Lucy asked to have this quilt but I need to make it slightly bigger as it was originally made as a baby quilt.

This morning whilst I was sewing the covers for his cushions, Scamp disappeared. When I went in search of him I found one of the bedroom doors must have been left open. Scamp had made himself nice and comfortable and was making little doggy snores. I took a photo before waking him up and telling him off. He knows he's not allowed on the beds but if he gets the chance that's where you'll find him. 

Goodness me, I hadn't realised the time. I need to get to bed or else I'll be really tired tomorrow. I'm teaching online so no need to go into the office but I have a lot I want to get done before my holiday.

Take care



  1. Oh my goodness…lots of sewing. I love your blouse. That will be very smart with a black skirt.

  2. Oh, what a naughty cheeky dog, tucked up in bed like that!