Wednesday 11 August 2021

Work and Play

This morning I had to work as I needed to present student's marks at the examination board and one of the students was being awarded her qualification. She had been unwell and so completed late. The board took all morning but it was on Teams and I didn't need my video on but I did need to listen. I did some hand stitching as that helps keep my concentration going. I now only need to add 9 more hexies to the current round of the Grandmothers garden quilt. The down side is I need to prep the white hexies for each flower, so 9  x 6 which means 54 hexies to prep. I wonder how many I can get done this evening?

This afternoon I set up the machine and set about making the blocks for the Mr Rabbit's Garden baby quilt. By the end of the afternoon I had all the blocks made but I still need to join them together. I laid them out on the floor so I could see how they looked. I tried this on the table but Picasso was being so helpful and kept knocking them on the floor.

It looks a right muddle as I was trying to be quick before Picasso came to help again. It will finish at 36 inches square. When I saw Katy on Monday she asked if I had a quilt she could give to a colleague whose baby is due in October. I sent her this photo and so now the quilt has a home to go to. She doesn't want me to make it any bigger so now I just need to get it finished. This project will be a nice quick finish and it has given a use for the Mr Rabbit stitchery and used up some scraps. That makes it a win win quilt.

Before I start work on the hexies I'm going to tailor tack the darts in the skirt I'm making. The next time I get my machine out I will be working on the skirt as well as hoping to get the quilt top completed. Tomorrow we are planning on going walking since the weather is supposed to be warm and dry. Scamp has been worn out all day following our walk yesterday. If he's got his energy back we'll take him with us otherwise we'll leave him at home with Lucy. He's either 13 or 14 years old now and gets tired on long walks.

I don't have much to show you from my sewing activities today but I do want to share a couple of photos from this day  but in a different year. You know how photos likes to give you a walk down memory lane. Today I enjoyed seeing the photos. First it showed me this one taken at Sangam, in Pune India in 2019. Everyone on the trip had bought themselves a sari and on this day we had a celebration feast and we all got dressed up. Here we are in our finery.

It seems so much longer than 2 years since we went on this trip. We also tend to go to Switzerland every 4 years at this time of year. Our last trip was in 2017 and on that occasion we had sun, rain and snow. We should have been in Switzerland now but the trip was cancelled earlier this year because of the uncertainty of health and travel.

I'm not sure what year the trip has been moved to but I hope I'll be able to go when it happens.

Last August since we weren't able to go on holiday I stayed home and sewed. This quilt was created during August. It lives in my car and gets used quite a lot when it is picnic weather.

I usually get a little annoyed when the computer tries to decide what I'd like to see but today I enjoyed the pictures it showed me and I hope you did too.

Take care


  1. Your rabbit quilt looks great & glad to hear it has a home. I've given 3 baby quilts away this year so far, one to a complete stranger who was gobsmacked, another to a shop assistant's brother whose bub was very tiny by today's standards and one to my fill-in doctor who is due in September & was filling in for my usual doctor who is on maternity leave (giggle). These are the quilts I tend to make from off-cuts of blocks, leftovers or a few small blocks that are the wrong size etc. Look forward to seeing more of your projects soon. Take care & hugs. BTW, we should have been on our way to UK this month. Not sure it will happen again as we are now in our 70s.

  2. The quilt is lovely and I'm sure the recipient will be thrilled with it. I enjoy looking back at photos from years past, I still have some printed out to keep in albums, even in this digital age.

  3. Lovely sari ladies! Have you kept the sari or maybe cut up the fabric to use? Not much chance of overseas travel these days with the pandemic still raging everywhere. Luckily here in New Zealand we can get away for caravan trips exploring our own beautiful country.