Sunday 8 August 2021

Slow Sunday stitching

On Saturday we had some household chores to do so I didn't get chance to get to my sewing machine. This morning, since I had nothing special planned I set up the machine and set about quilting another block and some more of the sashing. I decided to try doing a clamshell pattern across the block. I couldn't remember exactly how the pattern went so this is my interpretation. It is a bit wobbly in places. I haven't done much free motion quilting for some time and I couldn't get the speed right at first . Once I got going it became easier and so the stitching got better. I have 36 blocks in all to play with and this was block number 3. Hopefully as I work on this quilt my muscle memory will get better. I am at enjoying getting back to the quilting even though it is a bit stressful.

I have these 2 blocks to do on this row but I haven't decided on the quilting yet. All suggestions gratefully received.

Next I set to work on Mr Rabbit's garden stitchery. I trimmed this down and added two borders.
I had to move Picasso to take the photo

I am making this into a baby quilt so I spent some time thinking through the layout. I had some animal print fabrics that were perfect for the job and a lot of 2 and a half inch squares waiting to be used. The animal prints I cut at 5 inches square and added a border in a plain fabric to make the square 6 and half inches. Here's how far I've got.

This will be a small quilt and finish at approximately 36 inches square. The 9 patch and square in a square will alternate.

I also finished my gardening cushion cover. I'm pleased with this project and it's another Christmas present completed and it's still only August. Here's the completed front.

and the envelope style back.

On the hand stitching front I've been joining all the crocheted granny squares I made last year. This could take some time since there are 400 squares in all to join in. I'm working on a section at a time. There are going to be such a lot of ends to fasten in.

I've also been attaching flowers to the grandmother's garden quilt. I should finish the white row by the end of this week and I'll show you a photo them.

Tomorrow my car is going into the garage for its annual service and whilst it's done I'm meeting up with older daughter for a shopping trip. Neither of us have anything particular we need so it's going to be mostly window shopping and coffee and cake. 

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Take care


  1. I sew love your Mr. Rabbit's garden stitchery! Is there a pattern for it? Your pillow came out so pretty! Love that patchwork envelope backing! Nice crocheted squares! Did you make them from your scraps and are combining them to make this lovely afghan? So pretty!

  2. Love those happy clamshell, quilting stitches dancing across your pretty quilt. The baby quilt is going to be adorable. Such a pretty cushion, too, and what a lovely gift. That is a lot of granny squares to join, but oh how fabulous it will be when finished. Shopping, coffee and cake...and conversation; sounds delightful to me.

  3. You have been busy and Mr Rabbit makes a delightful quilt centre. You have been very productive in your week away from work.

  4. Such a pretty quilt you have been working on and the embroidery block is as darling as can be. Have a wonderful week

  5. I'm enjoying the progress on your projects & they all look good, though I can't help with your FM quilting ideas. Ooh, all those ends to sew in on your crochet......yuk!
    Take care & hugs.

  6. Your quilting looks great! Mr. Rabbit is going to be adorable set in a baby quilt. I really like that stitchery.