Wednesday, 12 August 2020

A sewing day.

Yesterday was another day of high temperatures that leave you feeling too tired to do anything. Although I'm currently on holiday and when I'm not, I'm working from home, these high temperatures have had me longing to be back in the office with the very efficient air conditioning running. At times I've complained that the temperature in the office is like an ice box (as I pull on a cardigan) but right now an ice box would be great. Although houses and flats built in recent years have AC most homes in the UK don't and so for the couple of weeks a year with the high temperatures you end up feeling tired  and limp. So that we can still get our daily exercise John and I head out early to take a walk around the cemetery or park. We are still managing 5 miles most days. I always take plenty of water with me as whichever route we take there is a long stretch where we are walking in full sun.

When we got back yesterday I had a text message to tell me my Elna sewing machine was ready to be collected from the spa. I took her in for a service at the beginning of July as the tension was shot to pieces and she couldn't produce a stitch properly. I drove up to the shop and picked her up and at the same time collected some essential bits for a couple of sewing projects, bias tape and elastic. She now produces a beautiful stitch.

The shop also showed me some round elastic that has been produced for mask making. It's very soft so comfortable to wear. Not sure how well it will work and being new they don't have any feedback from customers yet. I bought a couple of metres to give it a try.

Back at home I pulled out my rainbow quilt. I had ordered some aubergine fabric to use as the backing but when it arrived it was the wrong colour. The shop advised another fabric but this one is very much on the red spectrum and to match the fabric on the front needs to be more on the blue spectrum. Anyway I decided to use the new fabric but also keep the first lot as I have another project that I can use it in. The first fabric is on the left of the picture.

I sorted out the wadding I needed and set about making the quilt sandwich. I took over the dining table and got on with the job. Moving the fabrics and wadding around proved to be very tiring and I ended up very sticky due to the heat. Maybe I should have waited until the evening when it would have been a little cooler. At least the job is now done and I can get on with the quilting. That will have to wait until the weekend.

I forgot to share my jam making with you. When walking with John last week I bought some greengages to make jam. On Saturday I made it and it's delicious. I made half the recipe as we don't use a lot of jam. There is a second small jar but we have already started to use that one. The photos not great but it gives the idea.

So back to yesterday I made a start on a dress pattern I bought a little while back. I already had the fabric in my stash. As everyone was out in the afternoon I was able to use the table again to cut the pattern out. It also gave me some quiet time to read through the pattern without interruption. I like to read the whole pattern before I start so I can address any potential problems. I sometimes find that the pattern writer tells you to do a procedure a certain way when there is an easier method. Then I have to work out if there is a valid reason for using a set method or if it's safe to go with the other, easier way. This pattern is very straight forward so I'm not anticipating any problems. The difficult part of the job was the cutting out as the fabric has a small check on it and I wanted the seams to match.

Over the weekend I did some work on the hexie bag. I need to make the facing for the flap. This is also made with hexies. I need to add some half hexies to complete the shape I need before moving to the next stage. The lining for the bag is already prepared.

Yesterday evening I worked on the butterfly square on the millennium sampler. There are three more butterflies to start and as you can see the first one was all blue and but the following ones change to have additional colours. The evening is cooler than during the day and so it's a good time for hand stitching.

I'm hoping to get some sewing done today but I have some chores to do first. There will definitely be some hand stitching this evening. John has a meeting and I plan on putting on either a film or an audio book whilst stitching.

I can't put off the chores any longer so I must get on.

Take care.



  1. How nice to get a sewing day. I’ve been using that round elastic, and I like it. It is more comfortable than the flat variety. Your hexie bag turned out cute. That’s a cute dress pattern too. I used to make my clothes, but I haven’t done any garment sewing in decades. I’m loving your cross-stitch.

  2. Those dreaded chores! Such a pity the cleaning faries dont come to visit every evening and do them for us! I hate vacuuming, a job I tend to put off. And with my sewing and Gemma shedding white fur, there is always plenty to vacuum up.