Friday, 7 August 2020

One Monthly goal for August


It's time to decide what to try and complete this month. The last two months have been great as I've finished my monthly goal and some additional projects as well.

This month I would like to get my batik rainbow quilt finished. I have ordered fabric for the backing and binding and the quilt shop have posted it out. Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed that I receive the package in time to get this finished.

A quick update. Whilst writing this I received my fabric but it's the wrong colour. I phoned the shop and they say it's the right code for aubergine but the colour doesn't match the fabric used on the front. They have a fabric by a different manufacturer which matches what I want so I need to return my fabric and they will send out the new fabric today.

As an add on to my monthly goal I want to try and finish at least one of the remaining squares on my millennium sampler
I'm working on the lettering for the William Shakespeare square. This has the two masks, happy and sad, on it. The evolution square has butterflies on it. It will be amazing to finally have this finished.

I also want to finish the hexie bag. I haven't taken a photo of this recently and it is further along than this shows. The bag sides are all stitched and the wadding has been trimmed and stitched along the side seams. I just need to add the facing to the flap and the bag lining.

So those are my plans for August so far. Now I'm going to return the fabric I don't want and hope the new fabric arrives promptly.

I'm linking this post with Patty from Elm Street Quilts for the August One monthly goal link up

Take care



  1. Beautiful. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.

  2. So many lovely projects, good luck with your goal!