Friday 14 August 2020

An adorable kitty

 Yesterday continued to be very hot and I'd reached the point of feeling tired all the time. John and I went on our usual morning walk around the cemetery completing 5 miles. We didn't see many people as we walked but the green woodpeckers were about and there were lots of magpies, pigeons, blackbirds and squirrels. By the time we got home I needed a rest so I sat and drank tea whilst catching up with my blog reading. In the early afternoon we could hear the thunder rumbling around us and it did rain briefly but again we didn't see the storm. On the news there were pictures of flooding around London, including on the M25 motorway. The rain we had did nothing to reduce the temperature. Instead of sewing I caught up with my reading and checked on the garden.

We'd arranged to go over to Katy and Olly's for dinner and so at 5 p.m we got ourselves organised and headed out. Richard was working so it was just me, John and Lucy. We left the music system on for Scamp and Picasso just in case it did thunder. Scamp doesn't like thunder but is OK so long as everything else seems normal. Casso likes to sit and watch the lightening so he's a bit miffed that we haven't had a storm.

Katy and Olly's flat is the ground floor of a house and it includes a garden. They have so much room compared with their old flat plus they are able to have a pet. A dog isn't feasible as they both work so they got a kitten. Katy isn't back at work until the beginning of September so the Kitten should be nicely settled by then. He's 9 weeks old and in the morning Katy had taken him to the vet for his checkup and immunisations. He was a little sleepy whilst we were there but did enjoy a short play and lots of cuddles.

This is Rothko. Katy is an art and DT teacher so we knew the kitten would have an artist name. She named our cat Picasso (but we shorten him to Casso). Not sure what the little ones pet name will be. I put my phone by him to show you how big/little he is. When you look at him his fur looks black or chocolate but he has strips within it.

Lucy enjoyed her cuddle with her fur nephew.

Rothko realised that both his mom and aunt are mad as hatters but he loved all the attention.

During dinner he slept curled up on the cat cushion. He was very good.

The food Olly cooked was delicious, rice with chilli and coriander, a vegetable and paneer curry and an aubergine dish. Dessert was a baked cheesecake with raspberry coulis and vanilla ice cream. I ate more than I should but it was all so good. 

At the end of last year Katy had bought some fabric to make me a skirt for my birthday. She never got round to making it so she gave me the fabric, which I love. I'll take a photo and show you and add it to my sewing projects to get done before we return to the office in October.

Over the evening the temperature had dropped slightly so it was a comfortable drive home without the need to turn on the AC. Once home we sat and chatted for a while but we were all tired and so went to bed early. We didn't have any rain overnight but the temperature dropped further and today it is really nice and cool. 

Today John and I need to walk and also visit our friend Tony. After that I plan on sewing. I have some things I want to try and complete before I go back to work (working from home) on Monday.

Take care



  1. Awwwwww...nothing better than a kitten in the whole wide world. Sorry about your heat and humidity. We had a day like that a few days ago, and it does kind of wear you down after a while.

  2. I feel you with the heat and humidity. I walk outside and it feels like I'm swimming through the air. Whew!! We get rain and think it will make it better, but it only makes it...wetter. Haha! Sweet little Rothko is adorable!! I love black kittens ... the last one I had was Merlin. :) Looking forward to seeing your pretty fabric!! :)